Architectural Canopies: Benefits and Designs

awning2.jpgCanopies are normally at the entrances of buildings, most of which are large and open to the public. You shall notice awnings at the public library, hospitals, hotels, bars, local authority offices, and large department stores, these canopies are normally set up to provide temporary shelters from the elements when you go to or are leaving the building. They also serve the purpose of allowing people a more comfortable place to wait for their turn to be served, or such scenarios. Of late, they have found more use in not just these public buildings, but also in more friendly and homely structures.

Canopies can be designed in any manner. The main consideration is the overall design of the building. What is considered next is their functionality in relation to the entrance of the building. This is how they shall serve their purpose well, in terms of keeping people free from rain, hail or sleet, as well as fit in with the rest of the structure. They are usually designed to be open on all sides. You can have the canopy made of steel or wood. There are also some that are made of toughened plastic. In more relaxed settings like hotels, they shall be made of some tough fabric material, which is spread tightly over metal supports. For professional canopy designs, check out DCI Signs & Awnings or visit

Canopies shall always bear some architectural relevance to the building they are attached to. If the architectural design of the building is large and grand, you can expect the canopy shall have a matching design. This is how it shall look the part, and be in harmony to the overall design language.

You can also purchase an entrance canopy as separate from the original design of the building. There are several designs out there, which ensure you can find something suitable for your building. They shall be the cheaper alternative to having the design of the front of your building altered to factor in the addition of a canopy. It shall also involve less work setting up when you think of all the activities that would go into the designing and installation of a fresh canopy on the building.

You shall find many types of canopies on many buildings in town. They shall serve their functional purpose rather well. They are thus a critical consideration to the building since they make the surroundings more comfortable. They also serve their aesthetic purposes well too. A building with a well-placed and complementary canopy looks far much better than one without. Continue reading more on this here:


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